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Abu Zuhri: Resistance is unbreakable


The Islamic Movement of Hamas confirmed that the PA’s attempts to weaken the Palestinian resistance will come to no avail.
Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri , the spokesperson of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, said that the PA’s attempts will fail, and that was proven right recently, as the sniping operations occurred in the West Bank.
Abu Zuhri added on Monday evening that “the Palestinian resistance is tough, and unbreakable”, pointing out that choices are open to face the Israeli occupation.
The PA security apparatuses has launched a broad security campaign in the Jenin refugee camp days ago, on the pretext of security chaos and corruption in the city.
Abu Zuhri called all people concerned in the Palestinian arena to review their accounts and unify their efforts in repelling against the Israeli attacks.
Hamas spokesman pointed out that what is happening in Gaza is an attempt to destabilize security. “What happened in Gaza is quite similar to what is happening in the West Bank because the goal is still the same—which is to weaken the Palestinian resistance.”

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