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Activists Chain Gate of zionist israeli Arms Factory in Kent

Palestinian activists occupied an Israeli arms factory in Kent today, spraying the entrance in red paint.

Thirteen Palestine Action campaigners took over the premises of Instro Precision in Discovery Park, Sandwich.

The firm is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, which manufactures arms for the Israeli military used in the repression of Palestinians.

Other customers of Instro Precision include Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which have also been involved in extensive repression and brutality against ethnic groups.

A Palestine Action spokesperson said: “The factory cannot continue to operate.”

“The injustices and war crimes committed with products made inside these factory gates constitute nothing short of a national scandal.

“That Elbit Systems, Instro Precision and all other Elbit subsidiaries are able to manufacture in Britain is shameful, it’s disgusting,” the spokesperson added, as quoted by the Morning Star.

“Palestine Action are going to shut all of these death factories down, and the people of Kent aren’t going to allow them to exist here either.”

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