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After the removal of our Turkish Official Facebook Page for Gaza News, now our website is prevented in many regions

discomforting zionists

Our Website are being prevented because of Palestinian News. Our Turkish Official Facebook Page (İslami Davet) that gives Palestinian News minute-by-minute also was removed on 12 July on 2014 at around 19. 45pm for violating community (in reality it is Zionism) standarts. According to the statistics in our hands our Islamic Invitation Turkey Website is also prevented in many parts of Europe, America, Africa, Asia. We are grateful to Allah (swta) for discomforting those Zionist Servants who speak about fake freedom. We will keep up uncovering the truth with the Help of Allah. Working from us; Success is from Allah.
Islamic Invitation Turkey.

Our Turkish Facebook Page was removed because of the video below
Sunni Palestinian Islamic Jihad Thanks Iran and Hezbollah (English Subtitles)

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