Ahmadinejad: Solving Crisis in Syria Is Through National Understanding among Syrians

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran warned that supporting a side at the expense of another side in the crisis in Syria by some parties, constitutes a start for a long-term of insecurity, particularly in light of the social structure in Syria.

In an interview with the American CNN Channel on the sidelines of his visit to New York to attend the UN General Assembly’s meetings, President Ahmadinejad said: “The imagination of some sides that solving the crisis in Syria might be through supporting a side at the expensive of another by some parties constitutes the worst solutions because there would be no end for the crisis but a start for a long-term of insecurity.”

He added the solution could be achieved through national understanding and conducting honest elections through which the Syrian people decide their political future freely.

On the other hand, the Iranian President slammed the illegal presence of the Western countries in the Gulf region, asserting that maintaining the security of the region could be achieved through cooperation among all the countries of the region.

On the Israeli threats against Iran, President Ahmadinejad confirmed that the Iranian people will defend themselves and their country against any probable attack on them.

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