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Ahmadinejad wants US to keep to its borders


Weeks after Washington decided to double the number of American combat brigades in Afghanistan, the Iranian president says the US must learn to keep to its geographical borders.

Speaking to Danish media on Wednesday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized the US military intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

He called on Washington to apply major changes to its policies, arguing that “the US like any other country has certain geographical boundaries and should keep to its borders.”

Referring to the long-drawn-out war in Iraq and Afghanistan President Ahmadinejad said, “Today, the situation in these countries has worsened much more than seven years ago and before the [US-led] invasion.”

“The situation in these countries has not improved even with NATO presence,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying to Danish television.

The Iranian president blasted NATO policies in Afghanistan, saying they had only led to the loss of hundreds of civilian lives and the escalation of terrorism and drug trafficking in the country.

President Ahmadinejad described a lack of in-depth knowledge about the region as the reason behind what he described as the US and NATO’s failure, saying, “If US politicians and NATO had wide historical perspective on the region, they would not have entered Afghanistan.”

The Iranian president explained that humanitarian issues should be resolved through channels other than military ones.

He went on to criticize countries that believe the possession of nuclear bombs grants them superiority over other states, describing nukes as “the most inhumane of weapons.”

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