Al Alam Reception in Syria impaired by ‘parasite frequency’

920497_thumHussein Mortaza, Al Alam Syrian correspondent reported on Saturday that the reception of Al Alam TV channel on Hotbird and Atlantic Bird satellite providers in Syria has been impaired by ‘parasite frequencies’.
According to reports, these frequencies are sent from a region in Turkey-Syrian border, which is governed by armed rebel fighters. Al Alam correspondent reported that frequencies are scrambled when news on Syria and Bahrain is on air.

“Today (Saturday), parasite frequencies were scrambled on Al Alam programs and we received complaints on difficulties receiving Al Alam,” added the correspondent.

“We believe that frequencies are intentionally scrambled by armed fighter groups in certain countries,” he said. “Facilities for scrambling is sent by US and US government provide the rebels with these facilities,” he asserted.

He also said that parasite frequencies was targeting certain channels, but now Al Alam has been the obvious target for its clear approach in reflecting the facts, especially its focus on Damascus and operations by Syrian government forces.

Mortaza emphasized that the scrambling attempt has been orchestrated in concert with and consent of certain countries in the region, Qatar being among them, and Turkey, as the supervising agent.

Certain intelligence services supervise on the operations of scrambling frequencies. Al Alam has been frequently threatened by terrorist rebel fighters and their regional supporters for its role in reflecting facts on Syrian crisis and exposing false stories spewed by Arab and western media, and Hotbird had stopped airing its programs.

Al Alam staff in Syria has been also threatened to death. Hussein Morazán himself has been injured frequently. Maya Nasser, Press TV correspondent in Syria, was targeted and killed by the terrorists when covering Syrian events.

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