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Al-Houthi rejects US claim on seizing ship carrying Iranian missile parts

Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen's Supreme Political Council, has dismissed as baseless the United States’ claim on confiscating a ship carrying Iranian missile parts.

According to Yemeni Al-Masirah TV website, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, said that while the aggressors are surrounding Yemeni ports and do not let entry of ships carrying oil or medicine, how is it possible to carry missile parts to Yemen.

Al-Houthi also referred to the arms sales of the United States to the aggressors, namely the Saudi-led Coalition while adding that the new US arms sales to Saudis are not going to help them to succeed against Yemeni forces.

He called on Saudi Arabia and the UAE to end their aggression and embargo on Yemen otherwise the Yemenis are capable of carrying out more missile and drone attacks on them.

The member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council further condemned the new US sanctions on Iraqi individuals affiliated with the Resistance Front, noting that the US is committing terrorism against the Yemeni nation by carrying out a siege on the Yemeni nation and now the Iraqi nation.

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