Al Khalifa forces blinds Bahraini child

Al Khalifa forces blinds Bahraini child

Ahmed Al-Niham, Bahraini 5-year-old child has lost his left eye due to damage inflicted by Al Khalifa forces shotgun.
Reports had it that doctors in Singapore have not been able to save his left eye, thus they have emptied it. After a month he will travel to Singapore for a glass eye to be installed in his left eye socket.

This 5-year-old child was targeted by Al Khalifa shotgun when he was with his father in a village to buy fish. Bahrain has been scene for anti-Al Khalifa regime protests since two years ago.

Regime forces have suppressed the demonstrations with the aid from its Saudi big brother, and hundreds of people have been killed, arrested or injured.

Evidence from human rights organization indicates that many protesters has been amputated or die under Al Khalifa forces tortures. Some other women have had abortions after inhaling poisonous gas.

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