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Al-Laham: We Call on World Parliaments to Exert Pressure on Governments Supporting Terrorists in Syria

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, on Tuesday called on all world parliaments which claim to care for the Syrian people and its interests to exert pressure on their governments, particularly those directly involved in inflaming violence in Syria, to halt supporting terrorists.

Addressing the opening session of the 2nd ordinary round of the Assembly, al-Laham reiterated call on these governemnts to stop hosting terrorists and smuggling weapons and mercenary gunmen into Syria and work on bringing views together among the Syrians and encourage them to engage into the political dialogue as the best way out of the crisis in Syria.

He stressed Syria’s rejection of the West’s bargaining on the issue of the Christians in Syria and its shedding crocodile tears claiming to care for them, highlighting that the Syrian Christians are a genuine component as all the other components of the Syrian people.

The Speaker affirmed that the West knows very well that it is the terrorist groups backed by the Western countries with money and weapons that are working to strike the societal fabric in Syria and displace and exclude some of its national components.

He said the West had better condemn the terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist and takfiri groups, supported with Gulf funds, arms and media, against the Syrian people with all its components than feigning tears over the Christians in Syria.

He noted that the People’s Assembly asked in a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to include an emergency item in the agenda of its upcoming 127th conference titled ‘violence against Christians and other components of the Syrian people by the armed terrorist gangs and attempts at forcing them to leave Syria.

Al-Laham voiced the Assembly’s strong denunciation of the Saudi government’s prevention of the Syrians from making the pilgrimage this year through procrastinating as well as blocking the measures required for the Syrian pilgrims.

He stressed that this measure came in the context of Saudi Arabia’s continued aggression on the Syrian people following the West’s course targeting Syria and goes in line with its frantic attempts at destabilizing Syria through supporting the terrorist groups.

Speaker al-Laham condemned in his speech the recently released anti-Islam film and what it included of encroachment on Prophet Mohammad, dismissing it as aimed at creating sedition between the Christians and Muslims across the world.

He called upon the international institutions to enact legislations to incriminate offending religions and all religious symbols and beliefs.

Al-Laham expressed wonder at the frenetic efforts of the Arab Transitional Parliament and the Arab Group at the international forums to suspend Syria’s membership in the IPU, amid decades-long silence of the Arab parliaments towards Israel and its occupation authorities which killed and displaced millions of the Palestinian people and violated Islamic and Christian sanctities in occupied Palestine.

The People’s Assembly Speaker stressed that Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, who claims to have reached presidency by ballot boxes and not by the Gulf wahhabi money, had better not interfere in the Syrian internal affair or speak on behalf of the Syrians as the Syrian people are able to formulate their pluralistic political future through the ballot boxes secured by the Syrian constitution.

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