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Al Qassam website to launch a Turkish version

Al Qassam Information Office is preparing to launch Al-Qassam website in Turkish language, soon.

In an exclusive interview with the director of Al-Qassam Turkish website, he said: “The team in charge seek to enhance the image of the resistance between the Turkish-speaking, and deliver the news form the resistant point of view and ensure the clearness of its message, so that is easy to understand the Palestinian issue from the perspective of resistance.”

He added that the Turkish site has been provided with images that support the presentation of news, adding that there are other important sections like press releases and military communiqués.

The director of the site noted: “after the success of Al-Qassam English website in, it was necessary to reinforce the message of the Palestinian resistance, and to deliver its message to the whole world in all possible languages, and also we are working on the development of Al-Qassam website in all languages as possible.”

At the end, the director of the website hoped that the website will be a major source for the news of the resistance to defend the image of the Palestinian resistance, stressing that resistance is a legitimate right of every occupied people protected by law and international bodies.

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