Saudi Arabia

Al Saud making use of Islamic sanctities for US-Israel avenge on Muslims



Hissam Shuayb, Syrian expert on Islamic affairs, in an interview with Iran’s Fars News Agency slammed Saudi Arabia for taking political benefits from Islamic sanctities in the country in line with its American and Zionist projects, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Al Saud system and policies are not true representatives of Sunni Islam and Muslims announce their disavowal of the Takfiri rhetoric hired by Saudi Muftis.”

Islamic expert stressed,” The tragedy during Hajj 2015 and incapability of Al Saud has proved that the Arab kingdom has failed in its responsibility to protect the lives of Hajj pilgrims.”

Syrian scholar highlighted reasons for the intentional Mina incident and said,” Saudi government opposes an independent investigation board to probe into the incident and does not recognize the rights of Islamic countries to know the reasons for martyrdom of their pilgrims victimized during Hajj 2015” adding,” This is while there is no news on the fate of some pilgrims who have lost their lives during the incident and Saudi Arabia shines its responsibility to clarify their fate.”

He referred to efforts to undermine isolated domination of Al Saud over Saudi over the two holy mosques in the country and stressed,” Saudi Arabia or any other country should not make use of the holy sites in line with its political interests and should decide on a rotary system for management of Hajj ceremony.”

He added,” Saudi Arabia has misused Islamic holy sites as an opportunity to take political benefits and settling hostilities of its American and Zionist allies with Islamic countries.”

Syrian figure concluded,” Saudi government has dispersed Muslims through excommunicating them and preventing them from Hajj ceremony rather than using the annual Islamic event as an opportunity to unify Muslims with each other.”

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