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Alarmed Zionist Regime Media Reports “20 New Hezbollah Posts” along Lebanon Border

Alarmed by the Lebanese resistance movement, Israeli media reported on Monday it “had learned that Hezbollah has built no less than 20 observation and guard posts over the past year” along the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah appears to have taken on the project at the same time as Israel began building a fortified perimeter fence along the 140 kilometers (87 miles) of the joint border, Ynet reported.

Even more, the Israeli media outlet reported the “descriptions” of the alleged posts, claiming that “each tower is 18 meters (59 feet) long.”

Ynet alleged, meanwhile, that the “towers are established parallel to the yet-to-be-completed fortified perimeter fence being constructed by the Israeli military.”

It also quoted an Israeli settler in the so-called Moshav Shtula border settlement as saying: “A few days ago, we saw a large truck unloading the top part of the watchtower.”

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