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All Muslims are in step with Islamic Revolution’



Head of Iran’s Islamic Development Organization, Seyyed Mahdi Khamoushi underlined all Muslims worldwide are in step with Islamic Revolution of Iran in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of February 11th rallies for marking the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran highlighted the Convergence and alignment between Islamic Revolution of Iran and other Muslim nations.

Khamoushi highlighted the key role of Islamic revolution in inspiring people to stand against tyrannical rulers stressing all Muslims worldwide are in step with this Islamic   l revolution.

The religious cleric beckoned to the prime importance of solidarity among Muslims adding, “the late Imam Khomeini placed emphasis on the necessity of unity among Muslims.”

“The enmity among Muslims triggered by the arrogance world to this end, Wahhabism and Takfiris fan the flame and back as such scheme,” pointed out Head of Iran’s Islamic Development Organization

Seyyed Mahdi Khamoushi beckoned to conversation among Muslims stressing, “all Islamic denominations and sects are in the same line with Islamic republic of Iran.”

“Supporting people of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrein, Africa from the idea of Islamic revolution is a case in point with this connection,” concluded Iran’s Islamic Development Organization president.

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