Ambassador al-Ahmad: Syria Rejects all Decisions Issued by Arab League Outside of Arab Work Plan

Syria’s Permanent Representative at the Arab League, Ambassador Yousef Ahmad stressed that the decision issued by the Arab League Council comes within the framework of the premeditated and programmed preamble by some Arab parties, led by the Qatari government, for months to call the foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

Ambassador Ahmad on Monday said “Syria categorically rejects any decision issued by the AL outside the Arab Work Plan or the Protocol signed between it and the AL Secretariat-General,”

He added Syria considers the AL Council’s decision a dangerous violation of the AL Charter and its decisions related to the Syrian crisis and a targeting of the Observer Mission’s task on the ground to foil its report.

Ahmad stressed that the decision instigates some parties of the Syrian opposition to reject the peaceful political solutions and cancels the possibility of holding a genuine national dialogue to reach a Syrian solution to the crisis.

” The decision constitutes a flagrant interference in Syria’s internal affairs and deliberated abolition of the will of the majority of the Syrian people with the aim of calling the foreign interference,” he said.

Ambassador Ahmad criticized the call of the Saudi Foreign Minister to activate the sanctions against Syria in spite of their effect on the living of the Syrian people and their security and stability.

He added that some Arabs were astonished by the objective and neutral report of the AL Observers , particularly that the Qatari government has bet from the beginning on Syria’s rejection of the mission in a way that allows the implementation of the scheme of internationalizing the Syrian crisis and foreign interference.

He said “Some Arab parties don’t accept the report presented by the Observer Mission as it unveils what is happening on the ground, particularly regarding the violence, killing and sabotage acts perpetrated by armed groups against the Syrian people and their properties where Qatar’s Prime Minister described the crimes of the armed terrorist groups as “self-defense.”

Ahmad pointed out that what was raised to be discussed in the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Committee concerned with the situation in Syria and the Arab Ministerial Council was the report of the Head of the AL Observer Mission to issue recommendations connected with the mission’s work and developing it on the ground in a way that contributes in the implementation of the Arab Work Plan.

” In spite of the positive aspects occurred in the report regarding the Syrian government’s commitment to the plan, facilitating the work of the mission but the Presidency of the Arab Ministerial Committee ,backed by the stances of some Arab parties, seek to exploit the cover of the AL to undermine Syria’s security, stability and territorial integrity,” the Ambassador said.

He added that the scheme has been exposed as some Arab parties work for implementing a premeditated plots which ignore the report of the Observer Mission and the reform process launched by President Bashar al-Assad and his speech on January 11, 2012 in which he announced the state’s steps to consolidate the principles of democracy, political pluralism and to change the constitution soon.

“Some Arabs have forgotten the situation, the strength and effectiveness of Syria, believing they have a real and effective presence in the region and can, through their money, their petroleum and support of United States and the West, make unilateral decisions that address the Arab identity and interfere in Syria’s internal affairs to decide its future as planned in Western capitals,” the Ambassador said.

He reiterated Syria’s determination to go ahead in the reform process and make it a success due to the unity and will of the majority of the Syrian people who reject all form of foreign interference and seek to help their homeland getting out of its current crisis through a national solution based on consolidating the concepts of the modern state .

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