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America reiterates its loss in Iraq through its attack on Syria


The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said in a speech that the threat of America to interfere in Syria would cause a disaster that would be faced by the whole region. He added that there is no doubt that the Americans themselves will also be harmed because of it, similar to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. The attack on Syria would damage them again.
For his part, the Iranian political expert “Sajjad Salami” elaborated on this when analyzing the dimensions of the failure and loss mentioned in parts Imam Khamenei’s word when he stressed that the intervention of the foreign powers will not have any effect but only fueling the fire and igniting the war … The U.S. intervention will increase the ire of the peoples, according to the Supreme Leader who said: “The region is like a gunpowder depot and no one knows the exact extent of the losses that would be caused by any spark if it is to be ignited inside it”.

The analyst spoke about the events in Iraq to prove this, saying: “Observers believe that the most important defeat faced the advocates of war in the White House on issues relating to the war on Iraq was a political defeat”.

Salami mentioned that the occupier, because of the Iraqi people’s social structure and national constants, was unable to impose the desired ruling regime in Iraq, pointing to a statement made by “Noam Tchamski”, in which he said: “America did not allow until now any country occupied by it to form a democratic government… The goal of the Americans and Englishmen in Iraq was to prevent the Iraqi people from reaching to power”!

The analyst pointed to the efforts of the United States after the regime failed to form a government fitting the American aspirations. He also noted that the Nasiriyah and Baghdad conferences, called for mostly by militant secularists, did not achieve the desired results, what forced the United States to establish the “governing council”, which had an Islamic majority, adding: “Today, despite America’s apparent and hidden support for the secular currents, the election results showed that there were an error in the U.S. accounts in terms of favoring these currents among the Iraqi people, what reflects an additional political failure”.

The political expert stressed that the other strike faced by the prestige of the American politics was when America failed along with its allies to provide one clue that proves their claims regarding that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction, recalling the statement made by “Larry Vchar”, a spokesman for the White House, on December 2002: “Regardless of the results of the UN inspections, America knows that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction”. However, “Scott Ritter”, one of the UN international inspectors in Iraq, had warned the American administration before the attack that this country has no weapons of mass destruction.

The analysis showed that the major objective of the U.S. was to attack Iraq, but one of its objectives was also to fight the terrorist groups. Yet, those groups increased steadily since the occupation. He referred to an article by “The Washington Post” after the occupation that says that: “There were no relationship between al-Qaeda organization and Saddam, and the White House highlighted this issue deliberately to gain the support of the American street”.

Sajad Salami stated that the majority of the American people believe that the global economic crisis is one of the repercussions of the war on Iraq, adding: “At the beginning of the attack, Western observers predicted that the cost of the war would be trillion dollars, but for various reasons it exceeded this limit”.

According to the bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, the value of the U.S. national wealth declined because of the war by 15% in 2007. The analyst said in this regard: “The decline was affected the aerospace, the technique of information, the gold reserves, and the energy sources, and the reason for this is spending the U. S. national reserve on restoring the combat readiness during the Iraqi war”.

He noted that a statement made by the “Market Watch” after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Iraq said that the American taxpayers have been forced to pay four trillion dollars to provide the expenses of the war on Iraq; this amount could have covered a large part of the United States budget deficit. Salami added: “This war raised the rate of unemployment in America to 15% and among the soldiers returning from the war to 38%”.

Regarding the military failure, the expert mentioned that the victory of the U.S. military over the dictatorial authoritarian government of Saddam that was having no fan bases is considered unimportant, for as soon as the U.S. forces entered into the cities, they were exposed to popular overwhelming resistance. In this context, he said: “The U.S. Army during the occupation period have had 4408 dead soldiers and more than 32 thousand injuries and this is considered a huge figure in respect to an Army that depends on recent contemporary techniques”.

The analyst pointed to the fact that the international laws state that it is imperative for the occupier to secure the lives and money of the occupied people, but the American occupation killed more than one million Iraqi citizens. He concluded saying: “The question now is: What has forced America to bang the drums of war on Syria and to seek to end the crisis invented by it through the war?”

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