Amid deep sorrow, victims of Homs twin blasts laid to rest


A funeral ceremony was held for the 33 victims of Homs terrorist bombings on Thursday amid wide popular and official participation and an atmosphere of deep sorrow.
Families of the victims, who died in twin terrorist attacks that targeted a school compound in the central province of Homs on Wednesday, expressed anger at the unspeakable crime committed against innocent children in a bid of promoters of dark mentality to dissuade generations from pursuing education.
The bombings hit an area near a school compound in Ikrima neighborhood in Homs city as children were leaving school, leaving 33 dead and more than 115 wounded, mostly children.
Headmistresses of Ikrima al-Makhzoumi and the New Ikrima schools expressed deep sorrow over the departure of the young innocent schoolchildren, describing the terrorist act as “a humanitarian catastrophe and a barbarian crime.”

They stressed determination to continue the path of education and enlightenment as tools to confront the dark mentality and terrorism inflicted upon the Syrian people in the framework of the foreign-backed terrorist war waged against the country since 2011.

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