Anbar border guards clash with ISIS, terrorists arrested


Commander of Anbar Border Guards, Lieutenant General Ammar al-Kobessi, announced on Sunday, that his forces clashed with members of ISIS, west of the province, while pointing out that a number of suspects were arrested, west of Rutba District, IraqiNews reported.

Kobbesi said in a press statement, “Today, forces from the Border Guards of the second section in Anbar, the command’s commando brigade and the Popular Mobilization Units raided Albu Hayat village, west of Trebil-Waleed intersection in Rutba District (310 km west of Ramadi).”

“The security forces clashed with ISIS members on the outskirts of the village, while also managed to dismantle five improvised explosive devices and removed four others, which were planted in the area,” he further explained.

“A number of suspects were also arrested and several vehicle were seized in Albu Hayat village,” Kobessi added.

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