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More Horrific Images, Shows How ISIS Amputate Hand

Another Horrific Images, Shows How ISIS Amputate Hand + Pics

Militants fighting for the ISIS have released horrific images of an alleged “thief” having his hand hacked off in its latest warped display of justice.
The photographs show two masked ‘surgeons’ unpacking a briefcase containing meat cleavers, bandages and a chopping board in front of a baying crowd of onlookers.

A suspect, reportedly convicted of stealing a motorbike after a ‘trial’ at an “Islamic State court”, is then frog marched to a table where his right hand is doused in some form of sterilizing fluid.

His hand is then held down on a chopping board while a militant lops it off with a cleaver.
Before the sentencing, the images show crowds of onlookers, including young children, surrounding the table while a fighter appears to read out the charges

It is latest in a string of sickening amputations carried out by ISIS in Iraq and Syria in recent weeks.

It comes just days after photographs taken in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul showed in gruesome detail how the terrorists pump their victims full of drugs before using a massive meat cleaver to cut off the hands.

Last month, Islamic State released a document on social media, explaining the rules of “Islamic State” penal code, which is being brutally enforced across ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq.
Entitled ‘Clarification [regarding] the Hudud’, the document contains a list of the punishments handed out for crimes committed in the Islamic State, in accordance with the extremist group’s radical interpretation of “Shariah law”.
All punishments are carried out after a ‘trial’ at an ISIS court. After the sentencing, the prisoner is taken into the centre of the town or city.

Men and young boys of all ages are actively encouraged to gather and watch the punishments.
An ISIS fighter then reads out the charges found against the victim before the punishment is carried out in public.
All forms of blasphemy against Islam are punished by execution, even if the accuser chooses to repent of their sins.
Likewise, committing murder, spying, apostasy or sodomy is punished by immediate death.

Anyone found guilty of banditry, specifically murder and stealing, is put to death by crucifixion.
According to Islamic State’s reading of “Shariah law”, thieves have a hand cut off. It is unclear whether the victim can choose which hand is removed.

Islamic State’s penal code also states that anyone found guilty of banditry and caught stealing will have their right hand and their left leg amputated. This terrible punishment is done so that every member of the public can identify the victim’s past crime.
Flogging is another common punishment carried out under Islamic State.




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