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Another Israeli spy arrested in Lebanon

spyLebanese intelligence forces have arrested another man on suspicion of spying for Israel amid an anti-espionage crackdown in the country.

The man identified as Kamal Assaf was arrested in the southern region of Bekaa valley on charges of spying for Israel’s notorious intelligence agency, Mossad on Saturday, Naharnet reported.

Since the beginning of a major crackdown on spy networks earlier this year, Lebanese security forces have dismantled several Israeli espionage rings and arrested dozens of suspects on charges ranging from providing Israel with information to help its armed forces to visiting “the enemy country” -Israel — without permission.

Most of the detainees were reportedly equipped with high-tech espionage apparatus.

Last week, a Lebanese car dealer was sentenced to life in prison for providing Israel with intelligence on Lebanese Army’s positions and the country’s resistance movement, Hezbollah. He could face a death penalty.

The security forces say that they will continue to identify and arrest the people who spy for Israeli intelligence agencies.

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