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Ansarallah forces achieve major victory as they approach de facto gov’t capital in northern Yemen

The Ansarallah Movement has captured one of the most important areas in the northwestern region of the Marib Governorate this week, as their forces seized the Mas Camp from the Yemeni government forces.

According to the latest reports from this front, the Ansarallah Movement was able to crack the lines of the Yemeni Armed Forces, paving the way for their troops to capture the Mas Camp and its surroundings on Friday.

As a result of this advance on Friday, the Ansarallah Movement is now on the verge of taking full control over the Raghwan and Midghal districts, which puts them at the northwestern outskirts of Marib’s administrative capital.

Making matters worse, the Ansarallah Movement has also established a strong foothold at the western part of the city, meaning that they will attempt to besiege the administrative capital like they did at Al-Hazm earlier this year.

For the Yemeni government, losing Marib city would be a catastrophe, as it has long been under their control and its corresponding oil fields make it a major economic target.

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