Ansarallah forces announce the capture of Al-Jawf province

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’a, spokesman for the Ansarallah-aligned Yemeni Armed Forces, announced the liberation of all directorates in Al-Jawf Governorate except for some areas in the Khub, Al-Sha’af and Al-Hazm desert districts during the operation.

The Yemeni military spokesman revealed the details of the extensive military operation, pointing out that the entire governorate has nearly been captured after a few weeks of battle.

In addition to their ground advance, the Anarallah forces have been able to prevent Saudi Coalition airstrikes on Al-Jawf, thanks in large part to their new air defense systems.

The Ansarallah forces are also in position to capture the strategic city of Marib after advancing west towards this provincial capital in northern Yemen.

The collapse of the Saudi-backed forces in the northern part of the country has been the main story of the Yemeni conflict this year, as the Ansarallah forces have captured large swathes of territory over the last two mont

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