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Ansarallah forces launch large-scale offensive in northern Yemen, capture 40 sites

The Ansarallah forces launched a large-scale offensive in northern Yemen this week, targeting the imperative Al-Zaher District of southwest Al-Sa’ada.

Backed by their rocket teams, the Ansarallah forces stormed the defenses of the pro-government Yemeni Army and Saudi-led coalition troops in a bid to capture Al-Malahez area of Al-Sa’ada.

According to reports, the Ansarallah forces managed to take control of the road linking the Mazraq and Al-Malahez areas after a fierce battle with the pro-government troops

The reports said the Ansarallah forces captured about 40 sites at the Al-Malahez front, thus, allowing them to regain the initiative in this part of the Al-Sa’ada Governorate.

These reports would add that the clashes resulted in many dead and wounded for the pro-government forces, as they were overwhelmed by the Ansarallah troops at this imperative front in northern Yemen.

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