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Ansarallah forces on the verge of entering Marib’s capital city

For the second time in the last two weeks, the Ansarallah forces are on the verge of entering a provincial capital in northern Yemen.

According to the latest report from the Ansarallah forces, their troops have captured several sites in the strategic Sirwah District that is located in western Marib.

The Ansarallah forces specifically captured the Al-Tala’ah Al-Hamra’ area that overlooks much of the western neighborhoods of Marib.

With this area captured, the Ansarallah forces find themselves in fire control over much of western Marib, which is a major issue for the remaining Islah militiamen and Hadi loyalists protecting the city.

Should Marib city fall in the coming, then the Hadi government will have effectively lost all major cities in the northwestern part of Yemen.

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