Ansarallah leader promises new surprises in 6th year of Yemeni War

The leader of the Ansarallah Movement, Sayyed Abdel-Malik Al-Houthi, said on Thursday that he promises the Arab and Saudi alliances will witness new “advanced military capabilities.”

In his speech that was shown on Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV, the Ansarallah leader said: “The military capabilities and operations took an upward path, culminating in major field achievements and important results.”

“Most of the tracks started from scratch to the square of victories, stabilizing equations and imposing a balance of deterrence,” he continued.

The Ansarallah leader said that there is more to come in the sixth year of the Yemeni war, including new surprises for the Saudi-led Coalition.

“The continued development of military capabilities was a miracle,” he said.

Sayyed Houthi pointed out that the coalition should take advantage of its failures in all fields and quit the war.

“The general evaluation and studies confirm that the economic losses of the Saudi regime are great and its ambitions have failed,” he added.

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