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Ansarullah: Attack on Yemeni Civilians Signifies Saudi Military, Political Defeat

Spokesman for Houthi Ansarullah movement condemned the fresh air raids by the Saudi-led coalition on residential areas of Sana’a as a sign of Saudi Arabia’s military and political defeat in the war on Yemen.

In comments on Thursday, Mohammad Abdulsalam strongly condemned the Saudi-UAE-led coalition’s air raids on residential areas of Sana’a that have killed at least six civilians, including women and children.

Al-Manar quoted him as saying that the most recent crime reveals the military, political and moral defeat of Saudi aggressors and their failure in the face of the Yemeni Army and popular committee forces.

He said the weapons killing Yemeni civilians are made in the US and France, so one should not expect those Western governments to stand by the oppressed people of Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition carried out 11 aerial attacks on Sana’a on Thursday. Masirah quoted the Houthi health ministry as saying six civilians, including four children, have been killed and 52 wounded, including two Russian women working in the health sector.

People of Yemen have been under massive attacks by a Saudi-led coalition for more than four years.

According to a recent UN report, the combined death toll from the Saudi-led aggression and disease is 233,000, or 0.8 percent of Yemen’s 30 million-strong population.

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