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Ansarullah movement warns of more surprises for Saudi-led Coalition after Abu Dhabi attack


The Spokesman of the National Salvation Government, ‘Abdul-Salaam ‘Ali Jaber, issued a stern warning to the Saudi-led Coalition on Thursday night, vowing more surprises to come after their Abu Dhabi Airport attack.

In a statement obtained by the Yemen-based Saba News Agency on Thursday, Jaber confirmed that the Houthi forces targeted the Abu Dhabi International Airport with an armed drone.

The Yemeni opposition leader said that this attack was conducted in response to the United Arab Emirates’ war crimes against the people of Yemen.

Jaber then stated that the Saudi-led Coalition had not achieved any military objective in Yemen, despite their three year long intervention.

Earlier today, the Houthi forces attacked the Abu Dhabi International Airport using their domestically-manufactured Sammad-3 armed drone.

This attack by the Houthi forces marked the first time since the founding of the United Arab Emirates that this Gulf nation had been bombed by a foreign entity.

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