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Anti-Hezbollah campaign to face lawsuit

A member of the Lebanese parliament says the resistance movement of Hezbollah might file a lawsuit against those trying to distort the group’s image.

Hezbollah parliament member Nawaf Mousawi told the Lebanese media on Monday that the lawsuit would target “anyone whom investigation shows to have taken funds from the US” for political use.

Earlier last week, the lawmaker said USD 500 million had been spent by the US and certain Arab countries to bribe people into criticizing Hezbollah.

Mousawi implicated several Lebanese municipality officials and other political figures in the country in the bribery case.

He also noted that the money was spent through the United States Agency for International Development.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Lebanon issued a statement to dismiss the allegation, saying that the US was committed to supporting Lebanon, its government, and its people.

“We provided this support transparently to the people and media, unlike others. The US is committed to continuing this support, and these baseless accusations will not change that,” the statement read.

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