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Anti-Iran rhetoric reflects US-Israel implosive crises: Analyst

A senior political analyst has censured Washington and Tel Aviv’s military threats against Tehran as psychological projection of the exacerbating internal crises across the US and Israel, calling the adventurism violation of the international law.

“All this constant threat of war is an effort to change the terms of the debate, change the discussion; seize back the limelight at a time when in Israel and in the US there is a complete economic crisis,” Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center said in a Wednesday interview with Press TV.

Flounders described the escalation of war threats by the US and Israel against Iran as a useful tactic “for grabbing headlines.”

There has recently been an upsurge in Tel Aviv’s bellicose rhetoric against Tehran, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Military Affairs Ehud Barak saying they were pondering more seriously about launching a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities by the end of 2012.

Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with a military strike to force it to halt its nuclear energy program, claimed by the duo to have been directed towards the acquisition of military nuclear capability.

Iran refutes the allegations and maintains that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a committed member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it has every right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

“Under the UN Charter, actually Article 2, Clause 4, it is important to recognize that not only it is considered the real violation of international law to launch a war, but it is also a violation to threaten war and that is something that Israel and the US have done continually,” Flounders pointed out.

“Every time the US claims that all options are on the table, that is a direct threat of war and it is meant to encourage Israel to make its threats of war,” she added.

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