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Anti-Turkey Protest Held in Syria’s Aleppo

The residents of Khirbet Al-Hayat, a village in the Aleppo countryside, staged a rally to denounce militants’ activities and the Turkish military occupation of areas in Aleppo province.

The people condemned the villainous actions of the Turkish armed forces and Turkish-backed armed groups.

Participants in the demonstration carried the Syrian national flag and placards denouncing the almost daily terrorist attacks on safe zones and pointing out that Turkey’s aggression against Syrian territory is a clear violation of international law, SANA reported.

Tel Rifat residents living in the north of Aleppo have also held a demonstration recently to protest the presence of the Turkish armed forces in the region.

In the 2021 country report announced by the European Union Commission, Turkey was defined for the first time as an “occupying power” in Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad, in his speech at the 76th United Nations (UN) General Assembly, called on Turkey to withdraw its army units from Syria.

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