Anti-Zionist academic receives Muslim honors following UK persecution

A British pro-Palestine academic, who was sacked from Bristol University last year after a relentless pressure campaign by pro-Israel groups, has received major honors from Muslim political bodies.

David Miller is an academic expert in propaganda and political pressure groups. Miller has been a key critic of the Israel lobby in the last decade. His criticism of Zionism ultimately cost him his job.

Pro-Israel activists, lobby groups and even some Westminster politicians would have expected Miller’s sacking to be the end of him. Instead, Miller has become somewhat of a celebrity in the Muslim world. Most likely to the great annoyance of his critics.

Miller sat down with Press TV to show off his honors. As well as the conference, Miller was invited to enjoy the beautiful sites before returning home.

Miller has been treated very differently here in the UK. Miller says he’s been “punished” for his principled stand against Israel’s oppression, targeted by a vicious media campaign whilst being branded an anti-Semite by Zionist groups.

Bristol University admitted at the time of the sacking that Mr Miller’s anti-Israel remarks were “not unlawful”. But they sacked him anyway. Regardless of what’s happened, Miller says he feels blessed to have received such support from the Muslim world.

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