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Any Form of Power and Force which Works through Deception and Oppression is Unacceptable


According to Imam’s (r.a.) school of thought, any power and force which has come into being through deception and oppression is unacceptable. In the Islamic government, oppression and subjugation are meaningless. Power and authority are meaningful, but only the one that originates from people’s free will and choice.
The kind of power which originates from bullying, subjugation and weapons is meaningless from the viewpoint of Islam, Islamic sharia and Imam’s (r.a.) school of thought.The kind of power which emerges on the basis of people’s choice is respectable. No one should confront this power. No one should try to suppress and subjugate this power. If they do so, this is called fitna.This is the new prescription that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) introduced to the world.
He added this important chapter to the political literature of the world. As we pointed out, one of the main elements in this new version is rushing to help the oppressed and confronting the oppressor. We should help the oppressed and in the present time, the concrete manifestation of being oppressed is the people of Palestine.As you witnessed, from the first day until the end of his life, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) stressed the issue of Palestine.He supported the issue of Palestine and stated in his testament that the people of Iran and the officials of the country should not forget about this issue.
Helping the oppressed, showing resistance against the oppressor, condemning his transgressions, rejecting his power and grandeur in an outspoken way and shattering this grandeur are among the parts of this system and this new version presented by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.).This is a short summary, portrayal and description of the political order and the foundation that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) introduced to society after overthrowing the monarchic regime in the country.
This matter was completely accepted by the people and it was put into practice. Unlike many political slogans, this matter was not confined to books. Rather, it was realized, put into practice and reflected in reality. And the people of Iran showed their determination, loyalty and self-sacrifice by preserving this matter and strengthening it on a daily basis until today.
Ayatollah Khamenei’s Speech on 25th Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (r.a.)     06/06/2014

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