AOHR: All Israel’s measures against the holy city and its Mosque are illegal

The Arab organization for human rights (AOHR) in Britain said all the measures taken by Israel in occupied Jerusalem or against the Aqsa Mosque are null and void, and illegal under international law.

AOHR stated on Wednesday that the Israeli decision to consider the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards public places is illegal and contrary to the Geneva convention.

The organization also strongly denounced the political advisor of the Israeli government Yehuda Vinstein for his recent recommendation to the municipal council and the antiquities authority to consider the Aqsa Mosque an integral part of Israel.

It affirmed that the Aqsa Mosque is not only the two buildings with the golden and grey domes but everything within its walls including its courtyards and premises.

“The area of the Aqsa Mosque is about 144,000 square meters (144 dunums, equivalent to about one sixth of the Old Oity) and the lengths of its walls are 491 meters in the western side, 462 meters in the eastern side, 310 meters in its northern side, and 281 meters in its southern side,” AOHR outlined.

“The Arab organization for human rights in Britain confirms that the city of Jerusalem particularly the Aqsa Mosque is being exposed to serious violations that need a decisive action from the international community through providing immediate international protection for Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque in accordance with the seventh chapter of the UN charter,” it underscored.

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