Aoun to Al-Manar: We Won’t Abandon Resistance, It’s Part of Our Being

As he stressed that the same position from the resistance would be taken in case of an Israeli attack on Lebanon, the head of Free Patriotic movement Michel Aoun addressed Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, saying his party was with the resistance on the same path.

In an interview with al-Manar TV, General Aoun said his party would not abandon resistance, saying it has been part of the movement’s being.

“We can’t stand against a part of our people who have been scarifying and dying for the sake of our country, land and people.”

Asked whether the General repented of his position from Hezbollah, Aoun told al-Manar correspondent : “Never.. you should not ask me such a question.”
Asked for his position from the resistance in case of an Israeli attack on Lebanon, Aoun stressed that the FPM would support the resistance.

“We will take the same position and behavior. We will be as eager as we were in July War in 2006 in supporting the resistance because it’s part of our being.

Addressing Sayyed Nasrallah, Aoun affirmed that the FPM and Hezbollah were in the same path.
“To Sayyed Nasrallah I say we are in the same path until securing victory at the end.”

Concerning the equation of people-army-resistance, the FPM leader said there were attempts to dismantle this equation, stressing that any occupied land, whatever small it was, had dignity.

“The attempt to dismantle the equation of people-army-resistance is an offensive one, which is aiming at subjecting our country to an International political equation, in a bid to threaten its entity in the future,” Aoun told al-Manar correspondent during the interview.

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