Arab League Chief Speaks against Syria Strike

13920617000451_PhotoIArab League Secretary General Nabil al-Araby denied that AL’s recent call for action on Syria translated into their endorsement of a military intervention.
He also warned in an interview to al-Ahram newspaper that an operation against Syria would “explode” the entire Middle East, Voice of Russia reported.

Araby said Arab League’s call on the UN Security Council to interfere in Syria and act on reports of violence must not be spun as the “green light” for a Syria strike.

He also stressed that AL’s appeal to the United Nations should in no way be viewed as demonstration of weakness.

“We are part of an international system and we are going through a difficult period right now, and it keeps escalating because the Syrian problem is still far from being solved, while more and more blood is shed before the world’s eyes. We can’t just close our eyes on it and be idle,” Nabil al-Araby told the media.

The Arab League’s chief added he would oppose any interference in Syria’s home affairs unless mandated to act by the UN’s Security Council.

On September 2, Arab League’s ministers of foreign affairs met in Cairo to urge the UN and international community to take action against the Assad government.

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