Saudi Arabia

Arab spring knocking on Saudi Arabia’s door

Arab spring knocking on Saudi Arabia's door

No doubt, Saudi Arabia exercised power in providing financial supplies for militants prior and thereafter peoples’ revolt in different Arabian country from Africa to Lebanon.
It would, on the face of, seem that the immutable cul-de-sac spilled over into Saudi Arabia and although some of Saudi officials openly anticipate to the imminent precarious situation in the country, no Saudi media will ever reflect the events to be happened there.

The standing unbridled situation in Shia regions pervaded much of Sunni and well-to-do areas. To political experts and analysts, Saudi Arabia faces with combination of raises and of course the ordinary people, regardless of being Shia or Sunni, rose in revolt due to the existing social discriminations and poverty across the land.

Saudi scholars and experts, standing in the inner, or let’s say, the smaller circle rap Saudi’s policy in breaching human right. The smallest circle is peopled with Saudi princes, exhausted owing to longevity enjoyed by Omar Abdullah and their uncles. This is the group who are after gaining power in any way possible.

In experts’ words, if the competition over power in erstwhile decades was among just a few children of Abdul-Aziz, at this time rivalry and war among hundreds of his grandchildren is expected to be witnessed.

Recently released data in a book named ‘On Saudi Arabia:Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines and Future’, illustrates roughly 60 percent of Saudi peoples are under 20, most of them with no hope for getting job in their future, 70 or so percent cannot afford housing along with almost 40 percent live well below the poverty line.

Shia people are vocal about their demands and stand against the existing discrimination, from the other side, public outcry observed in Sunni regions on account of misdeeds perpetrated by Wahhabis.

Political gurus believe Knowledge has certainly increased within Saudi society, given that, the theory of Wahhabis about gender discrimination cannot implemented and imposed to Saudi female population.

Advances in information and communication technology also provided a rather conducive ground for Saudis to demand their absolute rights and it is quite expected social networks direct Saudis’ Vehement protests.

The published data also sparked Saudi allies’ concern, leading them to offer suggestion so as to avoid collapsing the regime. The jump in Saudi oil production has been always welcomed by Washington and European governments.

Washington has had a political alliance with the Saudi leadership that has lasted for decades and Saudi Arabia is of main oil exporters to the U.S.

The country has become even more pivotal to the United State during the turmoil of the Arab spring due to its resources and telling role in keeping the balance of power in Middle East.

The present released data and also severe illnesses of aged Saudi king make the turmoil quite possible in the country. The thing which is still not clear is whether these changes will be directed by the society or a coup d’état – orchestrated by the U.S inside it.

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