Araqchi: Dialogue has turned Iran to a powerful player


Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Thursday that in the light of the factor of dialogue, which was inspired by the Islamic Revolution, Iran has turned into a powerful player in the region and internationally.

 ‘In the nuclear talks, we have to see why six world powers agreed to sit on the negotiation table with Iran,’ Araqchi said.

He said that three factors led the world powers to prefer negotiations above any other method.

These three factors were Iran’s defensive capability, their failure to bring Iran to its knees under the pressure of sanctions and Iran’s technical nuclear capability, according to the official.

They got disappointed from attacking Iran, he said, adding that had they been able to destroy Iran’s nuclear program through military attack they would have not hesitated to do so.

‘Today no country in the region and beyond considers attacking Islamic Republic of Iran because it well knows that it would have to pay a heavy cost.’

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