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Arbaeen: Religious Fervor Reaches its Peak Among the Faithful

A sea of pilgrims, including men and women, young and old, toddlers in prams and elderly pushed in wheelchairs, from across Middle East and beyond, surges forward at an unrelenting pace to take part in the world’s biggest commemoration.

Arbaeen commemoration marks the 40th day following Imam Hussein’s martyrdom which took place on AD680. Millions of faithful attend Arbaeen commemoration in Karbala, which falls on October 30 this year, to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and to rededicate themselves to the principles and purposes for which Imam Hussein and his family were martyred.

Arbaeen_marchEach year, Shia and Sunni pilgrims as well as those from other faiths gather in Iraq in the weeks leading to the day of Arbaeen and stream towards Karbala from other Iraqi cities, especially Najaf and Basra.

This voluntary movement, which implies a sincere love, is quite holy that serving people and providing them with tents, food, water, blankets, etc. is said to be a privilege.

As believers reach the golden-domed shrine, their “religious fervor” reaches its peak and soon manifests itself in their loud cries, as a sign of love and fidelity to Imam Hussein.

Arbaeen is the living symbol of Shiites sincerity, loyalty and commitment to Imam Hussein’s rebellion. This event has become an overwhelmingly powerful display of Shia belief and solidarity.

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