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Ariel Operation Updates: 3 zionist settlers sent to hell

The Zionist troops on Sunday stormed Burqin village near Ariel settlement, trading gunfire with a number of Palestinian gunmen (alleged to be behind today’s attack).



The zionist occupation forces found a car (allegedly used by the attackers) and combed Burqin for fear of further operations, according to the media reports.

One Zionist soldier was killed in a stab attack in Ariel settlement in northern Salfit, according to Israeli media outlets which also reported that the attacker seized the soldier’s gun and shot dead one other soldier and a settler.

Other settlers, including a rabbi, were also seriously wounded, according to Israeli reports.

Zionist occupation forces stormed a number of villages in the vicinity of Ariel settlement and erected checkpoints, according to Palestinian sources which added that the enemy also blocked all roads to Nablus city after the operation.

Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the operation by stressing that ‘Israel’ would escalate attacks to protect the settlements as an emergent meeting for the Israeli settlement is scheduled to be held at 3 p.m. on the same day.

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