As Long as Hezbollah Exists, ‘Israel’ Can Never Reach ‘Peace’ with Lebanon: Zionist Circles

The Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Thursday that the border demarcation talks between ‘Israel’ and Lebanon will never tackle any ‘peace’ deal as long as the latter remains under the control of Hezbollah.

Speaking at the Knesset vote to ratify the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates, Netanyah called on the Lebanese government to continue with and conclude talks with ‘Israel’ regarding the borders.

On Wednesday, October 14, indirect UN-sponsored negotiations between Lebanon and the Zionist entity to demarcate the borders started as Lebanon firmly rejected any attempt to turn the talks into mulling a deal to normalize deals between the two sides.

Zionist circles stressed that the negotiations are restricted to the maritime border negotiations, adding that Hezbollah will not allow expanding the talks to include more issues.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi highlighted the importance of holding military drills that simulate a direct confrontation with Hezbollah despite all the coronavirus-related risks.

Kochavi’s remarks came in response to a threat made by one of Hezbollah military officers who vowed to storm the Zionist settlements and barracks in the upcoming war with the Israeli enemy.

In the context of Al-Manar TV’s episodic documentary, Second Liberation Secrets, which highlights the military victories achieved by Hezbollah during its fight against the terrorist groups in Syria, one of the Resistance officers threatened to defeat the Israelis in a way similar to that inflicted by the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (P) in the Battle of Khaybar.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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