Assad Tours Baba Amro, Vows Reconstruction

Syrian resident Bashar Assad visited on Tuesday the neighborhood of Baba Amro in Homs, as he walked around its streets, looking at the ravage caused by the armed groups there.

The president stressed that the exceptional conditions that “Homs in general and Baba Amro in particular have witnessed need cooperation and extraordinary work in order to rebuild the buildings and reconstruct the infrastructure which were destroyed by the armed gangs”.

As he was talking to residents who gathered during his tour, Assad assured that the state has never been late to carry out its duties in order to protect its citizens.

This state “has given many chances for those who turn aside from the right path in order to return to their patriotism and to hand their arms”, Assad told residents.

However, Assad said further, that “these people (armed groups) refused to surrender and went away with terrorism so we haven’t an option but to work in order to reestablish security”.

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