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Assassination of Iranian scientists reflects enemy fear, concern: Interior Minister

Iran’s Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar says the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists shows the enemy’s desperation as well as its concern about the progress of the Islamic Republic.

Speaking in Shiraz on Wednesday, he said the Iranian nation must be proud that it has become a regional leader in science and technology, adding that “such achievements are the cause of enemy jealousy and animosity.”

“The success and achievements discernible in all parts of the country have resulted in the enemy feeling envious and frightened and [therefore] confronting the establishment of the Islamic Republic and showing animosity towards it,” the Iranian minister added.

Regarding the continuation of the Islamic Awakening movement in the region, Mohammad-Najjar said, “We see that in many countries particularly Egypt, which is the key to the Middle East, people are turning to Islam and this [sense of] Islam-seeking is because of the Islamic Republic.”

He added that while the enemy is trying to manage these Islamic movements in the region and derail them, because they are popular movements arrogant powers will never be able to stop them.

Regarding the enemy psywar campaign and the wave of sanctions against Iran, Mohammad-Najjar said,” Such [propaganda] campaigns and sanctions signal enemy weakness and that they have reached a dead-end…they (enemies) consider they Islamic Republic the starting point of these uprisings that want to bring to an end their plundering of the region.”

Iran’s Interior Minister stressed that the sanctions used by the enemy as tools to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic have inspired the youth to find solutions to the country’s problems and help its scientific and technological progress.

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