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Austria is ready to invest in Iran

Austria-IranChairman of the Defense Committee of the Austrian Parliament voiced his country’s readiness to invest in Iran.

Peter Fichtenbauer met with Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs and Director of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI), in Tehran and criticized the political stance of some European countries regarding Iran.

The Austrian official called for the expansion of economic and commercial ties between Iran and Austria, adding that the policy adopted for Iran by his country is a totally non-conservative one, the Mehr News Agency reported on Tuesday.

Alishiri said Iranian laws for attracting foreign investments are among the most advanced in the world and have many advantages, including investing in all economic fields without restrictions, equal opportunity for investors and the guarantee of transfer of profits and the original investment.

He pointed out that Iran has abundant natural and mineral resources and a high rate of return for the investments and thus it is a profitable environment for modern day technological investment.

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