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Ayatalloah Jannati asks people to follow health guidelines

Secretary of the Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati called on people to stick to health guidelines as the COVID-19 death toll has hit a new high record in Iran.

Speaking in a session of the Council on Wednesday, he said that the rise in the number of those affected by the COVID-19 in Iran is ‘worrying’. His remarks come as Health Ministry announced 200 deaths on Tuesday, a new high record in the death toll.

Jannati called on people to follow health protocols such as social distancing and using face masks so that the country could control the outbreak.

He also said that in addition to its effects on political, social, and cultural issues, the COVID-19 has affected the livelihood of people, urging officials to pay special attention to those in need.

Jannati hailed the efforts in assisting the underprivileged after the outbreak, noting that these measures are ‘necessary but not enough’ and that executive bodies should adopt more fundamental measures in this regard.

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