Ayatollah Jannati: Kurdish independence to ‘create another Israel

Chairman of Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati asserted that Kurdistan’s bid for independence from Iraq is an attempt to “disintegrate” and “create another Israel” in the region, speaking at a session of the Assembly of Experts of Leadership in Tehran, Tuesday.

Jannati stressed that “today’s important issue about Kurdistan is the climate that they want to disintegrate there and create another Israel in this region.” He went on to call on the Assembly of Experts to “strongly stand up against them because this situation is the demand of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel,” which he said “are trying to weaken the region.”

Commenting on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Jannati noted that it was “a poisonous arrow, shot amid the hypocritically friendly smiles of the enemy.”

Iran’s Assembly of Experts (the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership/the Council of Experts) is a high-ranking body, which elects the Supreme Leader of Iran and supervises his activities. The Assembly of Experts consists of 88 members who are directly elected by the public for an eight-year period.

Source: Ruptly

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