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Ayatollah Qassem to Bahrain Regime: Impossible to Halt Anti-Regime Movement


Bahrain’s leading cleric, Ayatollah Shiekh Issa Qassem stressed that all forms of repression by Al-Khalifa regime are prompting the Bahrainis to go ahead with their pro-democracy movement aimed at fulfilling the legitimate demands of the people.

In a a statement released by Ayatollah Qassem on Sunday, the leading cleric stressed that “it is impossible to halt the pro-democracy movement” staged by the Bahrainis almost four years ago.Bahrain’s Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem

His eminence said that the arrest of the Secretary General of al-Wefaq association, Sheikh Ali Salman, is one of the repression forms adopted by Al-Khalifa regime.

However, Ayatollah Qassem stressed that all attempts to suppress the Bahraini people are doomed to fail.

Meanwhile, his eminence underlined the peacefulness of the pro-democracy movement.
“The peacefulness of this movement is correlative.”

“People believe they are righteous, and Allah is with the righteous people,” Ayatollah concluded his statement.

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