Ayatollah Sistani to Mujahidin: Stick to Islam Morals, Avoid ISIL Malicious Path


Muslim religious reference, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Sistani, presented a number of commandments to Iraq’s Popular Mobilization fighters (Mujahidin) in which his eminence called on them to stick to the Islamic morals and to avoid following the malicious path of the ISIL terrorists.

Ayatollah Sistani highlighted the importance of Jihad according to Islam, stressing that the mujahidin must abide by its morals in dealing with all people, even with the non-Muslims.

His eminence called on the mujahidin to shun exaggeration and mutilation, adding that killing the elders, women and the children is forbidden.

Ayatollah Sistani also shed the light on fighting the terrorists exclusively, without harming or targeting their families acquaintances who may not be able to halt the wicked terrorist path.

His eminence warned the mujahidin against targeting the non-Muslims regardless of the religious beliefs, asserting that the fortunes of all people must not be appropriated.

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