Ayatollah Sistani urges Iraqi politicians to review policies



Ayatollah Sistani spoke in regards to the controversy in the Iraqi Parliament and showed his strong opinion about the politicians. Ayatollah Sistani is the highest religious authority in Iraq, and has many millions of loyal followers. Also Ayatollah Sistani was the authoritative power to raise a fatwa (religious legal opinion) about mobilizing units in the fight against terrorism (Daesh) which was given in the summer of 2014, following the fall of Mosul.

Ayatollah Sistani: ” No doubt that some of the wrong policies adopted by some of the ruling parties and the mismanagement, corruption had provided the atmosphere to assist the growth and worsening phenomena of ‘Daesh’. Now it is time for political forces who are holding the reign of power to review their policies and performance for their period. ” (Najaf, 2016)

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