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Baghdad announces readiness to pay Iran’s gas debts

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has announced the ministry's readiness to pay its gas debts to Tehran.

Ahmed Musa, Spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said that in a committee formed with the Iranian side, several issues and proposals were discussed, including the need to repay debts to Iran, according to the Iraqi official news agency INA.

Musa added that the formation of the joint committee shows the readiness of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to pay its debts for gas imports from Iran.

The spokesman said that the decrease in Iranian gas exports to Iraq has nothing to do with debts and may be related to domestic needs in Iran, adding that the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has asked the Iranian side about the reasons for the decrease in gas exports and the total amount of Baghdad’s debts to Tehran.

He further pointed out that the agreements concluded with the Iranian side are based on international laws and state protocols.

He also noted that Iraq would be in dire need of gas in the face of very cold winter days, adding that consultations with the Iranian side in that regard were ongoing.

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