‘Bahrain brutal ally of US, Saudis’

e2d1b859e126f768e874b828ac8125d4_LAn activist says Saudi Arabia and the US are supporting the Al Khalifa regime to preserve their own interests, even if the cost is the lives and rights of the people of Bahrain.

Activist Zainab al-Khawaja said in a letter published by The New York Times Bahrain is “home to the headquarters of the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which patrols regional shipping lanes, assists with missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and monitors Iran as tensions in the region mount.”
The activist wrote, “The struggle for freedom and democracy in Bahrain seems hopeless” because of Bahrain’s allies, including Saudi Arabia and the United States.
she added “The United States speaks about supporting human rights and democracy, but while the Saudis send troops to aid the Khalifa government, America is sending arms.”
Al-Khawaja criticized the United States for its “obvious double standard” approach toward the human rights situation in the Middle East.
She added “This double standard is costing America its credibility across the region; and the message being understood is that if you are an ally of America, then you can get away with abusing human rights.”

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