Bahraini opposition marks uprising in Beirut

Despite a statement by Lebanon’s Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi last week directing security forces to cancel any event critical of the Bahraini regime, prominent Bahraini opposition group, al-Wefaq, held its scheduled event.

The event titled “United for Justice” marked 11 years since Bahrain witnessed popular uprising demanding justice and political freedom.

Those who support the Bahraini opposition believe that the Bahraini people’s struggle for freedom and any people’s uprising for the sake of reform is similar to the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation from the Israeli occupation:

The political representative and Muslim clerics attending the event stressed that as Lebanon has always been a place for freedom of speech, opposition members of any country, as well as the Lebanese opposition groups, should be allowed to come here and speak.

In addition to a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters, The Bahraini regime has now taken the lead in normalization of ties with the Israeli regime thereby going against their people’s main cause. Experts believe this issue could further energize the Bahraini opposition in their struggle to be heard.

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